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What is QubeSplash

We see signage every single day, they’ve become a part of our everyday life. Drive down the street, we see road signs of what speed to maintain, the newest life insurance policy catches our glimpse at the bank, popular travel destinations is shown at railway stations. As technology changes the way we live, the old school idea of signage is not going to stay forever. Every day, AI is breaking new barriers. Technology is starting to behave intelligently and increasingly shaping global events. QubeSplash powered billboards analyzes live video feeds and segments audience based on gender and age. A personalized targeted advertisement is shown on an electronic display thereby increasing the impact of outdoor advertising and marketing campaign 

Targeted Outdoor Ads

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Show targeted ads based on gender and age

Smooth Automation

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Connect your inventory and update ads based on the Sales

Powerful Analytics

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Effectively measure the eye balls and optimize your ads on the go

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"Over 40% of shoppers believe digital displays can alter their buying decision as it's close to the point of purchase


How it Works


The  cameras capture the live feeds around the visible range of the smart display

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The AI analyzes the data  based on user-specified algorithms and segments audience 


Pre-allocated ads for each segment profile are displayed accordingly to target customers

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Measure the number of audience passing the screen and measure the engagement level to optimize the type,time and placement of the ads

Who are We

Since 2009, aQb Solutions  have been taking Technology beyond Dimensions, incubating Innovation, propelling Business Growth around the Globe. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Native & Hybrid Apps, Cloud and DevOps and File-Maker pro services have provided a distinct edge over our competitors. This over a decade experience of ours has laid the foundation of these amazing products

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